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Atascosa County is south of San Antonio in the Rio Grande Plain region of south central Texas. Jourdanton, the county seat, is located in central Atascosa County thirty-three miles south of San Antonio and 100 miles northwest of Corpus Christi.

The Atascosa County area was sparsely settled by the mid-1850s, and in 1856 the county was marked off from Bexar County. Navatasco, was established as the county seat in 1857. In 1858 Pleasanton, a newly founded community, became county seat, and a new courthouse was constructed. Settlers continued to trickle in, but many things kept them out, for instance, the threat of Indian attack, poor roads, and the area's general isolation.

Irrigation opened the way for such cash crops as strawberries, peas, and watermelons. But during the first three decades of the twentieth century cotton and cattle continued to be the county's leading products. In the early 1990s and still today, beef and dairy cattle, peanuts, hay, corn, grain sorghums, pecans, and strawberries were the leading crops.

Atascosa County was ranked fortieth among all United States counties in percentage of Hispanics in 1980. In 1990 there 48 percent total had risen to 55 percent. Other leading ancestry groups included German and English.

Atascosa County is a county that is based in its worship, with over forty-five churches with a total estimated membership of over 18,000. The largest denominations were Catholic, Southern Baptist, and United Methodist.

The earliest schools were organized around the time of the Civil War. By 1914 there were thirty-seven schools in the county, including three schools for black students.

Numerous hunters are attracted to the county, particularly during the fall and winter deer seasons. Other leading attractions include the Poteet Strawberry Festival, Jourdanton Days Celebration, and the Cowboy Homecoming and Rodeo in Pleasanton.

Cities and Towns in Atascosa County

  • Campbellton
  • Charlotte
  • Christine
  • Jourdanton
  • Leming
  • Lytle
  • McCoy
  • Peggy
  • Pleasanton
  • Poteet
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