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Bandera County is twenty-five miles northwest of San Antonio in the Edwards Plateau region of southwest Texas. It is bordered by Kerr and Kendall counties on the north, Bexar County on the east, Medina and Uvalde counties on the south, and Real County on the west. The county seat and largest town is Bandera.

The region has been the site of human habitation for several thousand years. Archeological artifacts show that the earliest human inhabitants arrived between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago.

After being inhabited by various groups Bandera eventually became its own county. It was broken off of Bexar and given its own name. On January 25, 1856, the legislature marked off Bandera County from portions of Bexar County. The new county was formally organized on March 10, 1856.

The first Europeans to enter Bandera County were Spanish. It is suggested, based on history, that they entered the region in the early eighteenth century. Bandera is Spanish for "flag," and there is more than one story as to how the county was named. One has it that a Spanish general named Bandera led an expedition in the area against the Apaches after the Indians raided San Antonio de Bxar. Another claims that after pursuing the Indians to Bandera Pass the Spanish left a flag to warn them against future raids. And a third legend states that in 1752 a council was held between Spanish and Indian leaders and a red flag was placed on the pass as a symbol of the treaty.

Though Bandera County had schools in 1857, the area maintained its frontier character for some time. Despite the establishment of Camp Verde just over the line in Kerr County, settlers lived in constant fear of Indian raids. In the later parts of 1860 the population was only 399 for the whole county. As was typical in most similar settlements, the men outnumbered women and the county had only twelve slaves.

Religion has always played an important role in the County. The Mormons organized their church after arriving in Bandera in 1854. In 1855 the Polish immigrants, whom were Catholic, built a small log church where they could pay worship once a month. St. Stanislaus Church is the second oldest Polish parish in the United States. The First Methodist Church was organized immediately after the Civil War. The largest denominations remain to be Baptist, Catholic, and Methodist.

According to the census and demographic reports close to 20 percent of the working people in Bandera County were self employed. 40 percent of the county worked outside in other counties. Close to 1,000 people were retired. According to other industries, the following forms of employment were represented: 25 were in professional fields, 8 percent were involved in manufacturing, 20 percent in retail, and 16 percent in construction. The leading industry for the county was tourism.

In 1920 Julian Creek started taking summer boarders. Soon after, other homes started advertised for guests, and Bandera, became well known as a resort. There were numerous restaurants, dance halls, and dude ranches.

Many attractions such as the Frontier Times Museum and Bandera Pass bring in thousands of tourists and vacationers annually. Hill Country State Natural Area is a primitive camping area with various trails and horseback riding that also counts for hundreds of tourists annually.

Cities and Towns in Bandera County

  • Bandera
  • Lakehills
  • Medina
  • Pipe Creek
  • Tarpley
  • Vanderpool

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