San Antonio Investment Properties

To search for duplexes, apartment buildings, office buildings or any other type of investment property in San Antonio, it's just a matter of changing your search criteria when searching the multiple listing service.

1. Location. What part of the city do you want to search? It's usually best to start by choosing a county, and if too many results are returned, then choose specific areas within that county. The database is only as smart as complete as the agent who entered the data. Many agents don't enter the specific area of the city where the property is located, they simply enter the address and county. By searching by county first, you are assured that you are seeing ALL properties for sale.

2. Property Type. You MUST choose the type of property you seek, your choices are:

3. Save Search. Once the search is run, and if you are happy with the results, save the search and choose to have the results of that search emailed to you each day. Each day when the system is updated with the latest listings that have been bought or sold, the system will automatically run your search and notify you of any new results which match your search criteria!

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